rifamos fadista thumb   “Fadista” w/ “Ay Te Watcho” MP3s

thing   “Matador” w/ “Sin Nombre” MP3

One thought on “Noise

  1. Miriam "Mac" Baumgartner

    Do u recall a review of a concert festival (Deftones & MXPX) in SLC 20 yrs ago in Melody Maker mag??
    You didn’t make my day, but my LIFE at that time having to live in Utah. You began: “this ain’t the place to be Christian. SLC may be God’s country according to the politicians here, but the kids who aren’t Mormon are atheistic to the point of vitriol.” [btw: ALL those kids sure as hell ARE Mormon!]
    Everyone I’ve met who’s lived in SLC says they did more drugs there than anywhere else they’d lived, kids can’t rebel by drinking a beer, they devil-worship.

    Anyway, I came across your article again while going thru an old box & now that I can look you up easily I’m finally taking the time to thank you. You’ve no idea how much your viewpoint helped me, that concert was one of the worst experiences in my life. So to later read your review was an amazing chance occurrence, I think it’s the only time I ever bought a Melody Maker.
    Thanks again! Have a great day!


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