Tech Toy Reviews

Assorted tech toy reviews, originally published by Nokia Music website

Tornado Mania

Forget real storm-chasing. Digital Chocolate’s innovative Tornado Mania ­lets you control nature’s most terrible tempest from the comfort—and safety—of your own phone.

The game’s destructo side puts you in charge of the funnel’s fury to level unsightly barns, stadiums, and parking lots, while the SIM-style side lets you whisk up city landmarks from places like NYC and Vegas to build your own eutopic berg. Who needs real-life golf-ball-sized hail? Tornado Mania is the perfect storm.

Homies Dominoes ‘N Dice

Those Homies figurines in the grocery gumball machine are more than just cute little Gs: they’re serious back alley gamers too! Starwave Mobile’s Homies Dominoes ‘N Dice features all the sweetest street-gambling games (like block, crag, and poker dice) as you try to bust outta the hood against all the classic Homies characters—or your own amigos via wireless. Either way, you’ll have a blast racking up skrilla and fancy threads in this stylish barrio block party.

iCat speakers

Looking for a speaker system, a kitschy cool décor piece, and a virtual pet in one? Neither are we—but Hasbro’s I-Cat is making us think twice. The tuneful tabby reacts to match your music’s mood, and you can add your own DJ scratching to the mix by rubbing her nose. She’s friendly with your audio device of choice—but be sure to give her plenty of petting. Leave the fashionable feline untouched too long and she’ll start meowing over your melodies.