1988 was a strange year

Howdy! I’m John, a non-fiction writer who’s published in magazines such as Alternative Press (AP), Guitar World, and the LA Weekly. I’m also an editor who’s had my nose in everything from scholarly volumes on bioarchaeology to Hot Rod magazine how-to guides. When I’m not staring into dual monitors at work, I’m moonstruck by the Rocky Mountains and deserts around here. I’m also lucky enough to produce some cool music with a bunch of guys who make my psychedelic-vaquero guitar playing sound good (check us out at www.rifamos.org, or visit the Noise page for a few samples).

Please kick around the site for a while, and let me what you like, admire, or find strange. If you don’t like anything, you’ve got bad taste. I can be tracked down at jpecorelli @ outlook dot com. Grazie!